Vivian and Sean's Dazzling Wedding Weekend

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Vivian and Sean met playing the video game, Final Fantasy, playing online as avatars for like three and a half years as friends. They finally met each other in real life and fell in love! They have a baby together got engaged like during the height of the pandemic, so they couldn't have the wedding they wanted. The baby was definitely a big part of the wedding day – everyone was excited to fawn over the little guy! It's not that often that you get to go to your own parents’ wedding!

Day one of the wedding weekend was the mehndi and the sangeet party, which was essentially an engagement party! So of course, the bride gets to get decked out in gorgeous henna along with the bride’s guests on their hands and feet. The whole party on day one set the tone for the weekend really nicely. Everything was decorated really tastefully with a chic, extravagant, and noble kind of furnishings and guest goodies. With the different multi-colored tents and beautiful chaise lounges and pillows, the lighting…it was just a really gorgeous event! And to top it all off, there was a big, choreographed dance to celebrate the start of the wedding weekend!

This was a particularly fun wedding to photograph and attend because the bride, Vivian, is Vietnamese, and the groom, Sean, is Japanese, Hawaiian and Indian! So they both paid tribute to all their different heritages. Day two of the wedding weekend was a Vietnamese/Buddhist tea ceremony. The bride wears a traditional red dress and she had this amazing rounded, red hat that I was obsessed with! At this event, the whole family adorns them with jewelry and gives gifts to the couple, and it's almost like receiving a wedding dowry. Then they feed each other food that's supposed to represent prosperity, health, and wealth throughout their marriage. Safe to say that the food was absolutely delicious!

On the third and final day, it was finally the wedding day at the Laguna Cliffs. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and Sean came riding in for his baraat on a white horse blasting Indian music! It was so fun. They had a really gorgeous ceremony based in Indian tradition overlooking the entire Pacific Ocean and in the ceremony, they explained all the different meanings of all the traditions they did to officially be married! They had a grand, stunning reception, which the bride and groom had a quick costume change from their Indian attire into more traditional western bride and groom outfits with the classic black tux and white dress, and then they danced the night away! Truly such a joy to be a part of this incredible wedding weekend that had so much love and thought put into every bit of their days!

Such a massive thanks to one of my absolute FAVORITE wedding planners, Charley Bluebell Events, it is always such an incredible pleasure to work with you and your couples!

Event Planner: Charley Bluebell Events

Photographer: Beautiful Day Photography

Florals: Butterfly Floral Design

DJ: DJ Scorpio

Henna: Henna by Sheetal 

Catering: Tandoor Cuisine of India

Rentals: Synx Events, Town & Country

Bar: Liquid Catering

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