A Couple of Ten Years

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As I’ve said so many times before, I love shooting weddings at Wayfarers Chapel! Lloyd Wright’s architecture is just amazing and adds incredible dimension and texture to any portrait.

I convinced the bride and groom, Jessie and David, to go across the street from the chapel to the exquisite Terranea Cove to do their first look. They were just totally blessed with gorgeous, magical, clear weather that brought an ethereal feeling to the whole day! There were scuba divers all over in the waters and even a mermaid was there (see below!)!

Later, I took them up for some rock climbing to the top of the cliffs there to get these amazing views. They were totally game for hiking around in their wedding clothes – and all that before their ceremony in the heat! They were total champs for doing that!

Afterwards, we went to Wayfair Chapel and of course the entire venue is just dazzling for portraits. David and Jessie have been together ten years and have been engaged for six of those years! Of course, COVID happened and then as it goes, all of a sudden years have gone by! So this weekend was them finally doing it and tying the knot! It was really cool to see this couple get to that final moment of celebration with all their loved ones clearly stoked that they finally got married. David and Jessie were so excited, too, of course, but they still had that honeymoon phase kind of look to them, which makes my heart swoon seeing that kind of love years later!

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