A Bermuda Wedding!

June 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


Trish and Jonathan's wedding in Bermuda at the Hamilton Princess Hotel was so special and everyone truly witnessed what a Beautiful Day looked like!

I was shooting with my longtime girlfriends and dearest friends that I've known since school, Ronda Gregorio! We always help each other out with destination weddings, so she brought me in to shoot for her friend and they are truly such an amazing, happy couple – it was so great to photograph people that laugh so much. Everything was very emotional – Trish and Jonathan blended their families and their kids together in Bermuda, which is a really special place for them.

They did a catamaran tour the day before the wedding, which was so relaxing. After two hours of being off of a plane, we had gone straight into photographing the catamaran tour – Ronda and I wanted to get shots of the boat in the water – so I was steering Ronda on the back of a paddle board while she was taking pictures of everything, I was trying to balance and row her at the same time, all while carrying our equipment and trying not to tip! It was hilarious what we had to do to get the shot! Afterwards, Trish and Jonathan had a big welcome dinner and then had their wedding at the Hamilton Princess! Even though the weather was stormy and crazy, they really still had an amazing day.

It was also Carnival this weekend in Bermuda and there were all kinds of crazy, fun, and eccentric parties going on all night long to help them celebrate! It was actually my first time in Bermuda and this marks country number 90 for me! It did not disappoint – Bermuda is such a clean, beautiful island with lots of colorful houses, limestone cliffs and just beautifully manicured houses. It was definitely one of the cleanest and most beautiful islands I've been to. It reminds me of St. Barths, but it's definitely its own unique island that has its own culture, flavor and a very unique accent - like a mixture of Caribbean and British!

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