World Oilmen's Poker Tournament 2023!

May 15, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


There is a tournament called the World Oilmen's Poker Tournament (WOPT) that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this was my sixteenth year of shooting there! I've been there every single year since they asked me to photography the event in my mid-twenties and it’s basically like a giant reunion every year! I feel like the little sister in a big fraternity. I've now known these guys for so many years - I've even shot a few of their weddings! We always stay at the Wynn Encore for three insanely action-packed, hilarious days involving dune buggies, helicopters in the Grand Canyon, racing cars, planes, poker tournaments, late night gambling where Tom Brady is randomly sitting next to you in the high-stakes poker room…and just like crazy things like that! With the last two years, we started a Women of WOPT (WOW) Happy Hour, because out of all the four hundred people that were at this poker tournament, there are maybe a dozen women that are oilwomen! So we thought we should celebrate the best looking minority group ever with some fun photoshoots!

Afterwards, there are always these big parties, and they did not disappoint at all this year! Just always love seeing everybody and being a part of this tournament! I think I'm going to keep on doing this particular event as long as I can because it's honestly such a joy to see everybody each year in this crazy and elaborate weekend!

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