A Pasadena Love

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Jen and Brian are amazing - they met during the pandemic and just had a romance and very much became each other's support systems during some obviously crazy times between COVID and the health of their parents. They just are such a beautiful couple. I met them through Julie Nunn and she referred me! Julie is a dear friend of Jen’s and we all just kind of had fell in love when we met each other! She totally understands my Burning Man side and more of my cray eccentric side, and we just had so much fun together!

The wedding day itself was thankfully another one of those lucky stunning weather days. The whole event took place at a private residence in Pasadena and it was one of the most gorgeous houses I've been to, right by the Huntington Library & Garden. It literally looked like a mini Huntington Library & Gardens! The entire wedding was around the perimeter of this house. The front yard was set up as a gorgeous ceremony site, and they even had a custom blue trellis with flowers built to cover the front of the house. Jen and Brian are going to keep it and have it in their own garden at home after the wedding, which is SUCH a cute idea! Cocktails were served on the side yard and driveway of the house, which was also beautiful, and you walk around the back to this stunning view of all of Pasadena. You don’t even realize you're up so high with these gorgeous tree-lined backyard of giant oaks and reception tables with the dazzling, twinkling lights.

Of course, though, the whole ceremony was very emotional because Jen’s parents had to almost relearn to walk to be able to walk her to walk her down the aisle. Her dad was determined to be able to do it despite his crazy year of health problems, though, and it was so moving and obviously meant so much to Jen. Her flower girl walked down with Jen’s brother’s dog that was dressed in a little wedding dress! It was so cute and that dog had such a personality.

Jen & Brian had the most ethereal, effortless love and a wedding to match! They wrapped things up with a beautiful dinner out in the open air, dancing back in the driveway area and everything just flowed so well!

All of this was such a massive effort and thanks to Ebeling Events! Such an absolutely smooth, effortless-seeming event that I am so happy to have been a part of!

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