Mike and Nicole's Santa Monica Wedding

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Nicole and Mike have been together for ten years and they finally tied the knot! They're both dear friends of mine, it’s really amazing to see people come together for a lifelong union like this, especially one that has been so steady! Nicole not only does PR for me and helps me out with my businesses, but Mike is a fellow traveler and founder of Travel with Meaning, which is his podcast. Plus, Mike's parents are like my adopted parents, and I've been rooting for him and Nicole as a couple for a long time as have many people! 

They finally tied the knot in their favorite spot in Santa Monica on the Bluffs overlooking the ocean and had just a simple ceremony. They got ready at the Huntley Hotel and toured around their town, the amazing Santa Monica, so it was all just very special to them to do everything quick and easy there!

Mike and Nicole had their reception at Birdie G's and had this beautiful backroom, which I never even knew had existed! Birdie G’s is like Jewish comfort food, and it was awesome and super delicious. The whole vibe was this kind of fun, industrial back loft room that was really pretty. Such a big shoutout to Francesca Blume - Los Angeles for the insanely colorful and eye-popping floral arrangements everywhere! Of course, the room included an entire wine room, cocktails, dancing, and speeches and thankfully one of the most beautiful weather days we've had in a while here in SoCal. I'm just so glad that it all came together for them! I was super honored to be the photographer and be part of it all and celebrate their lifelong love!

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