Death Valley Divas Group Boudoir Shoot

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Death Valley DivasDeath Valley Divas
When you go on a Girls' Road Trip you always have to pack your camera gear, costume changes, alcohol and snacks, good tunes, and of course leave all of your inhibitions behind!  We decided to rent an adorable house in Death Valley filled with photographers, model girlfriends, and tons of lingerie to do 3 days of shooting sexy boudoir photos all across Death Valley National Park.  It was like a workshop in learning how to look and feel sexy (and MOST of the photos I can't publish here), but you can get an idea of the epic scenery and landscapes here in Death Valley. 

Badwater Basin and the Mesquite Sand Dunes at sunrise or sunset are just surreal otherworldly looking landscapes!  You are at times on the lowest and hottest spots in America and not a soul was around.  At one point we were all running around naked, including MYSELF while I was shooting and I don't know if the lack of people was sure to Covid or if Death Valley is just THAT spread out and huge, but we owned those sand dunes that day and I can safely say I have never shot naked before!  Most men THINK that girls' slumber parties are a bunch of chicks running around naked or in lingerie and having pillow fights and usually that is FAR from reality, but this girls' trip would have lived up to most men's fantasies. Six-foot Samantha "AKA Samazon" let Cameron and I tape her up with gold metallic tape and do a whole photo shoot in the salt flats and she was SO fierce and a dream to photograph, that I HAD to post some of these!  So excited you just moved to LA, Samazon, so now you can be my full-time photo muse!!

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