Lara and Justin's Baby Moon Photo Shoot Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah

June 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I can't believe a year ago we were in Zion for Lara and Justin's Baby Moon, having an epic hike/shoot adventure in "The Narrows" and today we are blessing Baby Azla and his first year being born into some REALLY crazy times on the planet! Hopefully, Azla will never remember the masks and Covid lockdowns, but I hope he will understand how bad ass his parents are.  Not only did Lara give birth during Covid, but she wrote a 300-page Sci-Fi Historical Fiction Novel, all while hosting the most amazing family gatherings with ease....I swear Lara and Justin are super human and I just had to blog about this amazing day when we all came together for the first time during Covid out in nature and it was exactly what everyone needed!

The Narrows hike is one of my favorite hikes in Zion, because you are walking through a river in between the narrow canyon walls the whole time and the scenery is spectacular.  I had all kinds of assistants helping me with LG's dress, but Cameron won the  " BEST worst assistant award" when she dropped the dress and got swept away by the current in the river during the shoot!  Thank god we had a whole posse of people there to help out. I Love our crazy family adventures!

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