Lauren and Michael's Mill Valley Elopement with I DO Elope!

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If there was ONE positive thing that came out of Covid times it was that I LOVE elopement weddings so much!  They are smaller and more intimate and ALL for the right reasons; two people just wanting to MARRY EACH OTHER!  Lauren and Michael (AKA Gar) had their ceremony underneath a grove of 2000-year-old Redwood Trees in Mill Valley, California and had the most perfect weather!  The week before it was scorching hot and then this day happened and was perfect!  I remember driving across the Golden Gate Bridge on my way to the wedding and seeing people smiling and flying kites and being outside and it was almost like everything was normal again in the world and we were in Pleasantville, but then again Mill Valley ALWAYS feels that blissful!  I LOVE working with Julie Nunn of I DO Elope and every event we do together is always :magazine-worthy" and Lauren and Michael were no different...they both look like adorable models!

Their "First Look" spot was an EPIC location at the Muir Beach Overlook.  It took almost 25 minutes to drive up the mountain to get there, but it was completely worth it!  Normally, there is almost a 360 degree view of the city from this staircase lookout on the edge of a cliff, but on their wedding day it was completely covered in a cloud and looked like they were walking in mist. It made for ethereal photos and was almost even more dreamy and beautiful than if it were bright and sunny! The rest of the day was sunny and beautiful and after almost 10 years together they FINALLY tied the Knot!  Congratulations you two! I know you have a bright, amazing lifetime ahead of you after everything you have already accomplished together as a couple!

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