Vanessa & Paul’s Desert-themed Engagement Shoot in Las Vegas

May 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I just HAD to post a sneak peek from Vanessa and Paul’s Desert-themed engagement photo shoot in Las Vegas!  I was driving back through from my photo workshop at the Grand Canyon and made a pitstop in Vegas to meet up with these two lovebirds!  Since so much of their romance has taken place in the desert and Las Vegas, it only seemed appropriate to do it there.

I first met Vanessa from shooting her sister Brianne’s wedding over a decade ago!  I have since then shot many of their friend’s weddings and have kept in touch over the years, so I was honored to be asked to shoot Vanessa’s wedding happening later this year.  I am especially excited after doing this photo shoot, because she is just as gorgeous as her sisters:)

What an adventure-filled morning we had!  First we started in the early morning at Red Rocks National Park.  Paul got us free entry with his Military pass (who knew?), but then after hiking rocks and hopping construction fences to get to our first spot of the day,  we totally had to drive the wrong way down a one-way to escape driving the ENTIRE one hour loop through the park to the exit.  Everyone was honking and swerving out of our way, and it was insane, but Paul did it and we got amazing photos and kept right on our time schedule:)

Second stop was the adorable Bonnie Springs ghost town where we had some fun running around the little town and chapel and posing against the backdrop of an old frontier town.  We again got lucky and had wild donkeys completely photo bomb us and had perfect weather, then we finished up the day getting out of the noon-day desert sun and having lunch and some photos back at the Cosmopolitan. Their balcony overlooking the strip was insane and we had to get a shot up there and with the giant chandelier downstairs.  The backdrop looked completely fake!

What made this day SO surreal for me was that I drove straight back to La, unpacked my bag, repacked my bag and within 2 hours was at LAX to jump on a flight to Mexico to go shoot down there!  So the adventure just kept on going for me!


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