Rachel and Landon’s engagement shoot at Rayavadee Resort in Krabi, Thailand

May 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

I love when Serendipity enters my life. It usually happens while I am traveling and sure enough it happened on my most recent trip to Thailand.  Rachel and Landon booked me as their wedding photographer over skype for their upcoming destination wedding in Mexico in June.  Because of schedules and geographic challenges we never did an engagement shoot, so I was to meet them for the first time  south of the border in Mexico.

But as fate would have it, they emailed me to ask final shot list questions before taking off for a two week pre-honeymoon to Southeast Asia, to where I replied, “Wait, I AM in southeast Asia right now!”.  Then when we exchanged schedules, not only were we all in Thailand at the same time, but we were to be in the same province of Krabi that is only accessible by boat on the exact three days in hotels next to each other on the same beach!  So crazy!  So we decided we HAD to meet up in person and have dinner.

So that began our crazy fun-filled couple of days over an Indian dinner in this hippie little village called Railay Beach talking about their story as a couple, their upcoming wedding plans, and plotting an adventure-filled day of scuba diving and doing a sunset engagement shoot at their luxury resort, Rayavadee.  If you don’t know about this place you have to!  It is a hidden gem nestled in between rock cliffs, ocean, and jungle and a photographer’s paradise!  There are monkeys everywhere and a natural Grotto turned into a fine dining restaurant where you can have cocktails inside a cave overlooking the sunset and nightly thunderstorms, which is exactly what we did after our engagement shoot.

For someone who loves color as much as I do, this place was paradise to shoot, from the colorful Thai traditional longtail boats, to the colors of the sunset and water, it was a magical place to do a photoshoot and to meet up with them!  I can’t believe in just a few weeks they are both graduating from medical school, moving, AND getting married!  Leave it to these two to cram in 4 life-changing events into one month!


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