Casey & Adam’s Engagement Shoot

September 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I had SUCH a blast co-shooting Casey and Adam’s engagement session with the fabulous Jillian Rose!  It was like having wine, laughing and frolicking with friends, yet capturing amazing photos in the process:)  We started off the day at the Stonehaus Winery tasting room next to the Westlake Village Inn and ran around through their vines and got them warmed up with some drinks:) Then we went to Rocky Oaks Park off of Mulholland Drive to get the rustic trees and yellow grass that I LOVE shooting in Malibu.  I was having them clap to scare off the rattlesnakes, but we survived!  

Finally, we ended the day at El Matador beach, which might have been the CRAZIEST I have ever seen it there with tons of other photo shoots going on simultaneously, but it led to amazing people watching!  We got that last bit of golden, amazing light with the rock formations that El Matador is famous for and had to dodge all of the other ridiculous shenanigans going on around us like pregnant women rolling around in see-through fabric and family portraits shoots where everyone was dressed like sailors lol!  Regardless, We all got sandy and soaked by the tide rolling in quickly, but I think it was all hilarious and totally worth it for these gorgeous shots!  I hope you weren’t too traumatized Adam!!



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