Tina & Joe’s Romantic Wayfarer’s Chapel Wedding in Rancho Palos Verdes and Wayfarers Chapel

September 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited to share Tina and Joe’s gorgeous wedding at Wayfarers Chapel and The Culver Hotel on my blog!  Tina is a friend of my sister Marisa’s in Monaco and she just happened to be getting married in my hood in Southern California AND at one of my favorite chapels ever, Wayfarers Chapel!  So it was meant to be.

I love the classic, elegant dark lounges at the Culver Hotel and it was a perfect venue for an intimate dinner and cocktails with some lounge music, by non other than my fellow musician friend David Villafana and his folk musicians!  Yet again, another small world encounter!

Tina had the saying “Wifey for Lifey” branded on her shoes and also her adorable beaded clutch purse!  Her couture gown was gorgeous and had such a long train, that we had to wait for her to step into it until we got to the chapel.  So instead the bridesmaids and even her little Yorkie just relaxed in robes and had some champagne at the hotel:)

Wayfarers chapel, the famous Lloyd Wright glass chapel on the bluffs of Rancho Palos Verdes, is such a  stunning place to get married.  Tina and Joe had THE perfect weather and clear skies, so it was a perfect backdrop for their photos!  I told Tina she looked like a thinner, prettier Kim Kardashian (so true) and was STUNNING. Joe is a lucky man!

Afterwards, we went in the party limo back to the Culver Hotel and had cocktails, dancing, and an amazing dinner for all of the guests at one long table.  The best speech of the night was given by Joe’s brother (well, virtually, since he couldn’t make it and his groomsman had to read it), but it was so funny I was crying laughing.  The Brits know how to give roast speeches at weddings let me tell you! The rest of the night involved a lot of drinking, dancing, and photo booth shenanigans!  

Congratulations to you both again, Tina and Joe!  I hope to see you again in Monaco soon and I hope you had the most amazing honeymoon in Hawaii!



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