WOPT – The World Oilmen’s Poker Tournament in LAS VEGAS 2016

April 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This was my 10th year photographing the WOPT tournament (World Oilmen’s Poker Tournament) in Las Vegas and each year I have had an even BETTER time, if that was even possible! You wouldn’t have guessed that oil prices were so low based on the fun these guys were having this year! Basically, Cornerstone Acquisitions knows how to throw a fabulous party and show their clients a luxurious time. These guys are “working and networking” the entire time, which basically translates to:  playing golf, poker, having fantastic catered meals, private comedy shows and cabanas by the pool at Surrender, pool time, helicopter rides into the Grand Canyon, shooting machine guns in the desert and not to mention their own hospitality suite basically 24 hours a day…which means non-stop drinking and I get to come and “document” it all.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!:)  I brought the fabulous Texan, Jodee Debes to assist me in the insanity packed into 3 days in Vegas and I think she fit in just fine!

My favorite part of this year’s WOPT tournament (AND LAST YEAR’S) is that out of 180 something players, I joined one of the calcutta group bets and bet on Karl Brensike to win and he did! THANK YOU Karl, you may be THE luckiest MF there is! Not only is he a friend and former groom of mine, but he is just a ridiculous human being:) While I was shooting I was on the phone with his wife Heather giving her the play by play as she is about to pop out baby number 2 and it was awesome!  And of course my highlight of the trip was Jodee and I being a guest at Chris Aulds’ table for a decadent dinner and THE BEST table conversation I have had in a long time!  He made us all have an “interactive” dinner and we each had 10 minutes to tell our life story.  It just got ridiculous and loud and the wine was flowing and I just LOVE these guys!  Thank you again Chris for being a generous sponsor!!


Thank you Kurt and Riki for always throwing such an amazing and flawless event…and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement Kurt!  What an honor to shoot your engagement photos while in Vegas too!!! I can’t wait for your wedding and another WOPT reunion:)  A year is too long to wait for the fun times!



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