Melissa & Pete’s Malibu Wedding

April 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I can’t believe I shot their engagement shoot in Sydney, Australia over a year  ago and now Melissa and Pete are finally married!  When I found out Melissa and Pete were getting married and they LIVED in Sydney, I jumped at the chance to shoot their engagement shoot over there:) I have to thank the fabulous Ryan Larson of Savoir Flair Weddings for introducing us!

They decided to have their wedding at Malibu West Beach Club, I think as a “tribute” to the fact that Pete is a surfer AND that they both actually met each other in bathing suits at the Hard Rock Hotel Pool in Las Vegas:) So we thought we would just bring it all back full circle:)  We joked about what happens in Vegas actually doesn’t stay in Vegas!  In fact, it took these two to Sydney and now back to the US for a destination wedding. So congratulations for being one of the few that actually leave Vegas Lucky, In Love, and with a Life Partner!  Who knew you could find a husband at theRehab Pool Party in Vegas?:)

Melissa donned the most beautiful champagne colored lace gown and alluring navy blue shoes by Jimmy Choo.  Pete and his handsome Aussie Crew looked devastatingly handsome as well and honestly you can’t take a bad photo of these two!  I have to thank the amazing Jillian Rose for helping me shoot this wedding.

They of course had the ONE rainy day in Los Angeles that we get a year, but they say that is good luck!! Despite the weather, the lighting and day was perfect and a little rain wouldn’t stop this crew from partying!:)





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