Yamara & Ryan’s Santa Monica Wedding at Casa Del Mar

August 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Finally, Yamara and Ryan’s gorgeous wedding at the Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica is up on the blog!  I was SO excited to be working again with Terri Castillo of Bellissimo Events!  Every wedding we have done together is just stunning and she transforms the space into the most romantic setting!

Yamara, Ryan, (and little Raegan had one of the most beautiful, touching wedding ceremonies I have seen in a long time.  Yamara and Ryan made it a point to include Raegan and to make this ceremony not just about joining them as a couple, but as a family.  Yamara and Ryan both perform improv and because of their performing nature, it only made sense that there were a few “bits” during the ceremony from their friends.  Including a skit and a surprise gospel choir that came in right after they said “I DO”.  SO amazing!

Afterwards, I took them on the beach for some late afternoon sunset photos and by the time we came back to the cocktail hour, Terri had already transformed the ceremony space into a “Louis the XIV-esque” reception space with gold plates and goblets and flowers dripping off of furniture that looked like it belonged in Versailles.  It was completely with the theme of their Save the Date that they sent out:) The partying and dancing lasted late in the night and Kelli, Terri, and my favorite videographers ever Colin and Ari and I even got our groove on a bit and jumped in the photo booth!  What a ridiculously fun crew to work with and a perfect day!


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