The Maggie & Jeff Show: Maggie & Jeff’s Insanely Fun & Gorgeous Napa Valley Wedding

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I had to wait until Maggie and Jeff boarded their plane to Africa for a month-long safari before posting this sneak peek from their wedding.  They didn’t want to be tempted to see them before they left, because they wanted to go through all 3000+ photos from the weekend in the privacy of their tented camp in Tanzania:)

This blog post doesn’t even begin to cover all of the beautiful details, hilarious moments, or fun times, but at least you can get an idea:)  Maggie and Jeff hired Suzy Berberian to coordinate their wedding weekend extravaganza and the first day started with a Summer Camp theme.  They had a tent and croquet and lawn games, a fire pit, and basically a talent show performed by all of their hilarious guests from the entertainment industry. Their theme was musicals and they had each table represented by a Playbill from each play they have either seen or performed in which was super creative and cute. People sang, performed spoken word, gave speeches, played a video, and I cried laughing so hard at some of the best, yet most inappropriate wedding speeches I have ever heard in my 15 years of being a wedding photographer lol!

The actual wedding day was at Calistoga Ranch, one of the most stunning properties I have been to in Napa Valley.  The day started with one of the most gorgeous Vera Wang gown I have ever seen.  It was a structured dress and the cake was designed to look just like it.  The colors of the bridesmaids dresses were lavender and everything else was cream or neutral to match the rustic, vineyard setting of the wedding ceremony.  The property itself used to be a campground many years ago and is nestled in a canyon with forests and a lake.  The ceremony was at the bottom of the hill, then the dinner was up the hill on a long stretch of grass next to the lake.  This was perfect for setting up two long Royal tables that seated all of their wedding guests.  It was dramatic and gorgeous at night underneath the stars.

And for the third act, everyone moved inside of the wine cave for dessert and dancing till the end of the night.  I was obsessed not only with Maggie’s cake, but the groom’s cake she surprised Jeff with was AMAZING.  It was a tribute to his days as a struggling actor, where he tried to get on the Sopranos by sending a pizza box with his head shots stapled to the inside of it to the casting directors, so the cake looked just like a pizza box with his headshot printed on icing…hilarious!  They even had a saxophonist/beatboxer who played over the Dj tunes and had people dancing like crazy all night.  


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