Yamara & Ryan’s Engagement Session at Casa Del Mar and the Viceroy Hotel

July 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I can’t believe that it is already July and that Yamara and Ryan’s Wedding is coming up this Saturday!!  How this year is flying by! I am so excited to be working again with Terri Castillo of Bellisimo Events and to be at the gorgeous Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica!

Since Yamara and Ryan had some last minute wedding details to take care of, we decided to do a quickie engagement shoot with them at Casa Del Mar so we could run around and scout locations.  They brought little Raegan with them to be part of the shoot and all three of them have the “Vanity Fair” supermodel pose down! lol  Both Yamara and Ryan do Improv and I found out that even Raegan has done improv on stage with her mom…so she is not shy in front of a camera:)  I asked her what her favorite part of the wedding is going to be and she said wearing her dress and eating cake….which are both pretty good reasons to come to a wedding:)

We ended our shoot by walking over to the Santa Monica Pier for some fun shots both underneath the pier and on the Carousel. I loved how they were all just chill and going with where the flow of the photos were taking us. We really didn’t have a plan at all and stopped where the light inspired me. I can only imagine how gorgeous and romantic it will be at sunset this weekend in gowns!


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