Cortney & Vartan’s Hollywood Wedding at the Taglyan Complex

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Cortney and Vartan AKA “Cortan” are one of the cutest couples I have encountered in a while.  Having been together almost for a decade, they already just have this level of comfort with each other like they have been married for 50 years, so it was about TIME that they finally got married! I was introduced to them through one of my favorite coordinators, Veronica of Blue Ivy Events, so I knew that not only was it going to be fun, but super organized and gorgeous…and I was right.

We started out the day at the W Hotel in Hollywood, running around and doing photos on the red carpet and the famous Hollywood Star walk.  Then we took a party bus to their church where Vart took one glance at the bars on the bus and looked at Cort and said, “Spiderman”…sparking his idea to hang and reenact the epic Spiderman kiss. Hilarious and definitely impressive:)

After their ceremony, we drove around for bridal party photos to one of my favorite hidden spots, a life size TV set I discovered in a production parking lot.  We were also on a mission to get the Hollywood sign in the background, which turned into a dangerous game of stopping traffic to run in the street with 20 people to take a photos lol! We finally ended up at their reception at the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood.  The Taglyan has the most beautiful rotunda with a colorful glass ceiling that I was obsessed with!  I loved the way they lit it in purples and blues tying in all of the decor.  Between the flipbook photo booth, the never ending spread of food and desserts, their surprise Armenian Dancers during dinner, and their DJ that kept people dancing till the place shut down, it was definitely a ridiculously fun wedding and Jodee and I didn’t want to leave!

Cort and Vart, I hope you both took my advice in Bali and went to the Mango Treetop Spa and got some relaxation time!!  You guys deserved it! 



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