Tara & Derek’s Magical Forest-themed Wedding in Annapolis, Maryland

June 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have been anxiously awaiting posting this blog from Tara and Derek’s wedding at her parent’s home in Annapolis, Maryland.  They designed their home to look like the plantation home from “Gone with the Wind” (their favorite movie) and even named their daughter Tara, which was the name of the plantation home in the movie!  Cut to, years later little did she know she would be having her wedding on her parent’s lawn…or maybe that was their plan all along:)

This wedding was one of my favorites, not only because I love this couple and they are friends of mine, (introduced to me by long time friend and college roommate Dori Newman), but because there were SO many little details and final touches that Tara and Derek hand-made themselves.  You could tell they poured their heart and soul into this wedding.  Everything had meaning.

With me on the wedding day, were two of my favorite assistants of all time, my mother and one of my best friends, Ronda Gregorio of Gregorio Photography!  Between the three of us, we definitely started the dance floor, shimmied up trees, tried to put a top hat on Dexter the Hedgehog ring bearer, and basically did whatever it took to get the shot!

There is also a first time for everything.  I have never had a bride and groom build me my own Hunter’s blind to climb up a tall tree to shoot from during their ceremony!  In fact, they even had a cute sign made for me that read, “Laura’s Tower of Terror” lol!  But they were right, the photos from up there were worth it!

Tara and Derek, I hope you are loving your honeymoon in Bali as much as I love that island!  Too bad that we are missing each other only by 3 weeks over there!  Thank you so much for your gifts and hospitality!  You guys are the best!


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