Brittany and Daniel’s Wayfarers Chapel and Michael’s Tuscany Room Wedding in Palos Verdes

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I am SO excited to finally be back from my travels and able to post this gorgeous wedding!  Brittany and Daniel and their love and relationship are honestly what most people aspire to find in their lives and they were lucky to have found it very young.  They met each other years ago while in a play together and now they have finally tied the knot!  I was really touched by how Brittany wrote personal notes to each of her bridesmaids and her mother and mother-in-law.  Her gift to them was a necklace made out of a word in the dictionary that best described them and then she wrote a whole explanation on why she chose that word for them.  It was so beautiful and touching and brought everyone to tears just after their got their make-up done lol:)

The day was perfect, minus a couple of transportation flaws, but that didn’t stop these two from having the most beautiful wedding ceremony at Wayfarers Chapel.  Both of them (especially Daniel) were very emotional during the ceremony and afterwards watching him take care of Brittany as I had her dangerously rock climbing with huge waves crashing around her in her wedding dress for the photos was very sweet:)  I was SUPER impressed with how she handled that! So when operation transportation failed again, thank god I had enough room to stash the bride and groom in the back of my car to drive them to their reception!  It was at that point super hilarious.

They had their reception nearby at the quaint, Mediterranean-themed Michael’s Tuscany Room. Brittany and Daniel had a bunch of cute touches, from the phone charging station and cell phone/selfie photo booth, to their famous quotes of love on all of the tables, to their wedding photo shrine from their parents and grandparents….all of these touches were very sweet and thoughtful.  The most memorable moment for me was Daniel’s father’s speech and it may have been one of the best ones I have heard at a wedding and also the surprise video during the parent’s dances showing Brittany and her Father dancing together as a baby.  These two will definitely not have a shortage of love and support from their families in their lifetime.

Thank you guys for having me as a part of your wedding.  It was an honor to have been there to witness it and I know we will all see each other very soon!  Thanks for the Disney Passes!!!!


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