Riki and Kristen’s Wedding at L’ Auberge Del Mar

October 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I have been looking forward to Riki and Kristen’s wedding for a LONG time!  I cannot believe it has already passed and their epic honeymoon to Bora Bora!  SO jealous!  You may remember them from their La Jolla Engagement shoot where I discovered their shared obsession with the Northern Lights.  Riki actually took Kristen to Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights and they didn’t end up seeing them, so they projected on the ceiling of their reception this morphing, glowing green light to simulate the Northern Lights…Nice touch guys!

They both got married on the terrace of L’ Auberge Del Mar and had dinner overlooking the sunset before moving to the ballroom for late night dancing and partying. The florals were in pinks and blushes and the tables set like they were in an outside garden terrace. I loved how they used all of the spaces of the resort throughout their wedding and they completely lucked out with the perfect weather and bright blue sky and water.  When I took the wedding party down to the beach, the waves were a bit out of control and Grace one of the bridesmaids had a hurt foot and had to be carried all the way down (total troopers!) but they all forged ahead to take photos and Riki and Kristen braved the waves together!

I knew with this bunch that the partying would last all night.  The dancing honestly never stopped and some of my favorite moments were Riki’s Japanese side of the family tearing up the dance floor.  Hilarious!  Of course the photo booth, ridiculously cute slide show of Riki and Kristen when they were children, and grand finale sparkler exit were highlights as well, but mostly for me seeing a friend I have known for years be so ecstatic and finally have found his soulmate was the best  highlight of the night for me!!  Congratulations you two!  

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