Jennifer and Cynthia’s Wedding at Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes

January 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am convinced that Jennifer and Cynthia are superheroes! I don’t know how they juggled three tiny children and managed to get dressed and married this past Friday.  They even hiked down to the rocky cove at Terranea for some formal photos in heels carrying babies…pretty impressive:)  I brought the fabulous Jodee Debes as my assistant, not thinking that I needed one since it was such an intimate wedding, but ended up needing some serious help with all of the baby wrangling lol.

Friday felt like Summer and it’s hard to believe this is January in California when the rest of the country is frozen over, but I am NOT complaining.  They honestly had the PERFECT weather and the best lighting at Wayfarers Chapel.  We had a blast photographing the kids, their families, and Jen and Cyn finally tying the knot…yet another reason I love California and legal same sex marriages:)  Honestly, these two could not be more of a team and more in love.  You can see what amazing mothers they are and their kids are very lucky to have such devoted parents.  I hope you two had a chance to relax and enjoy your reception.  You deserved it!  Congratulations and here’s to a prosperous, happy, exciting 2014 together!

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