Rebecca and Ari’s Engagement Shoot at their new 1920’s Hollywood Home

January 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rebecca and Ari are getting married this weekend and I cannot wait to photograph their two day event!  It is going to be a ridiculously fun weekend not only because these two are charismatic and hilarious, but because anytime the amazing Linda Howard is involved you KNOW it’s going to be a ridiculous party;)  What is even more exciting is that these two are FINALLY going to be able to move into their dream Hollywood home that they have been working on for over a year.  This house has so much meaning for them, that their wedding cake is going to be a tribute to it’s awesomeness AND we decided to shoot their entire engagement shoot there as well. The previous owners even had huge Lion statues that they included in the sale of the house… Ari actually means “Lion” in Hebrew, so if that’s not a sign to buy a house I don’t know what is:) Once I stepped foot inside, I understood why.  

There are not many gems like this left from the 1920’s that still have all of the crazy art deco character, yet is modern and gorgeous.  I don’t even know if “art deco” is the correct description for the style of their house.  It almost has an Arabic or Moroccan feel to it with keyhole shaped doors, ceiling cut-outs, and stained-glass windows throughout.  As a photographer, I was completely obsessed with the space and light.  Not to mention Rebecca has her own yoga studio in the back and his and hers closets and bathrooms in the master bedroom…Just a couple of reasons why I want them to adopt me so I can move in:)

We had a complete blast running around their house shooting and a few photo surprises that you will all see at the reception this weekend (so I will wait to blog those photos).  Here are a  few favorites from the day.  Enjoy!

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