Sabrina and Jessica’s Engagement Shoot in Dixie Canyon and Venice Beach

October 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I met Sabrina and Jessica through the fabulous Charley King with Blue Bell Events and I LOVE these ladies!  We managed to shoot all over the place for their engagement shoot, starting at their house with their dogs in Dixie Canyon, to the bar where they had their first date, to Aviator Nation in Venice (Sabrina’s favorite surf shop), and then ending at my place on the beach in Venice!  I feel like I have really gotten to know these ladies and their wedding is going to be ridiculously fun, I can tell:)  One of my favorite “photo bomb” moments ever happened while we were running around Abbot Kinney doing our shoot.  These two guys decide to one-up their PDA display against a brick wall, but SERIOUSLY dude, what is up with the stained sweatpants??  I forgot to photoshop it out, but it’s kind of ridiculous like the photo;)



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