Julia and Nicholas’ Winter Wedding at Seven-Degrees Gallery in Laguna Beach

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Yes, I know, the suspense has been building to see the photos from Julia and Nicholas’ wedding that I photographed just before Christmas….sorry for the delay, but if it makes you feel better, I am braving the mosquitos in Phuket, Thailand as I try to get WIFI outside to blog about it lol!  I had already made plans to go to Australia and Asia in December when I heard that Julia and Nicholas were getting married on the 21st of December.  After an amazing conversation with Nick, I changed my ticket so I could stay to photograph it and I am SO glad that I did!  Not only do I think they are two of the sweetest people with THE MOST GORGEOUS baby girl, but their friends and family were so fun and fantastic. I ended up joining everyone on the dance floor and rocking it out till we were kicked out…but I couldn’t help myself, they were playing Latin and Persian music (my FAVORITE!!)

We did their getting ready photos and first look at the Ritz Carlton and then continued on to Seven-Degrees Gallery in Laguna Beach.  I LOVE Seven-Degrees. What a funky venue to shoot at!  The ceremony was after sunset and they had created this blue-toned lighting both indoors and out and even had snow machines snowing on the guests as they entered the property.  It was truly magical!  Julia had this fantastic champagne-colored gown that I was completely obsessed with…and I don’t think we ever REALLY figured out how to bustle it, but I was able to rig it so she could join on the dance floor:) By the end of the night, so many pieces of her gown were falling off, that she started ripping pieces off and handing them to guests to wave around like handkerchiefs! I can’t say I have EVER seen a bride tear pieces off her wedding dress before, but it was hilarious!

At the end of the evening, they had a sparkler exit with all of their guests and I went home to download and pack for my trip after shooting for 12 hours!  What a marathon, but honestly it was one of the most fun nights I have had in a while!  Thanks for having me Julia and Nick…and thanks for your patience with getting the images!  I return in two weeks, but until then, here is a sneak peek from your wedding! XOXO


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