Jason and Michellee’s Engagement Shoot at Sycamore Canyon Park

December 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I first met Jason through his sister Autumn, who not only is a great friend, but also a former bride of mine:)  I had SUCH a blast photographing her wedding in Cabo and spending time with her amazing family, that I cannot even IMAGINE how fun Jason and Michellee’s wedding is going to be in the Dominican Republic!  Seriously, I can”t wait!  I feel like I was destined to shoot their wedding, because we are connected by friends in so many ways.  The best part of all is to see Jason SO HAPPY:)  These two are so great together and shooting their engagement shoot was such a fun way to spend the afternoon, even though I got drenched and freezing in the process:)  Jason insisted on going to Sycamore Canyon Park, which is one of his favorite places and almost was the spot for their wedding. I can understand why, because it is truly beautiful and private. We shot around the Sycamore Trees and on the beach…and well, see for yourself:)  Next time we frolic on the beach, it’s going to be HOT and sunny in the Dominican Republic!!! Whoo hoo! 


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