Lindholm and Bennett Wedding at St. Regis

August 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

FINALLY, a sneak peek of Laura and Chris’ wedding at the gorgeous St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach.  I LOVE working with Laurie Davies with 5 Star Weddings and Events and her fabulous team of vendors.  It’s like we have a posse of familiar faces when we work together and I always KNOW that we will have fun and everything will run smoothly:)  There were a few surprises though with this wedding, (involving all kinds of animal trainers:)  For starters, they somehow hid a HUGE white horse and chariot to bring the groom and his family out to walk down the aisle (Enchanted Carriages), then they released white doves during their ceremony to symbolize their strong Christian faith and peace, and if that wasn’t enough, Chris had a HUGE grand piano brought out on the lawn to perform a song he wrote for Laura, where shortly thereafter they became husband and wife, kissed and rode off happily ever after in their horse and chariot. … Talk about a fairy tale wedding!

I have to thank Candice Benjamin for being my shooting partner in crime, and also thank the weather, because even though it was fogged in all day, it created this gorgeous, ethereal, soft lighting that really added to the fairy tale effect of this wedding:)  Other cute little details at the wedding were mini Dr. Peppers brought out for all of the guests to toast with, the live band where Chris’ sister made another vocal performance (they have SUCH a musical family!), the crazy swing dancing with Laura and Chris, and of course my favorite 7 minutes of the night….their renegade beach portrait shoot where really basically ran into the water, splashed around and then ran back to the reception…SO fun!

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