Coby and Gregg FINALLY get married on their birthdays!

September 27, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

I can’t describe to you how happy I am to finally see Coby and Gregg make their family “Official”.  I feel like I have been able to document and watch them grow as a couple and a family, but I had no doubts from the very beginning that they would be together for the long haul.  It was meant to be that these two found each other.  You two are VERY inspiring…and not to mention easy to photograph:)  Their wedding was simple and elegant at the same time.  Coby helped put together all of the cute details while Gregg helped transform their backyard in Huntington Beach with long wooden tables and hanging lanterns.  We all went to the beach together to witness their touching sunset ceremony.  Even though it was overcast, the sun made a brief appearance through the clouds during their portraits and it was SO gorgeous!  I LOVE witnessing blended family weddings.  It is so much more meaningful when children are already in the picture.  So here it my tribute blog to the beautiful day:)  I hope you cherish these photos for a long time AND manage to get some alone time SOON!  I look forward to the many more shoots we will have in the future with the Knight Family:)

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