Gabrielle and Dennis’ Magical Wedding at Lake Shrine and the Inn of the Seventh Ray

September 30, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

I was looking forward to shooting Gabrielle and Dennis’ wedding since the moment I met them.  Honestly, it’s not that often that you come across two such unique people; so kind-hearted and in love.  They truly are meant to be together.  Right after we met for the first time, Gabrielle took the time to write me the single most touching letter I have ever received from a bride. It was full of love and gratitude and it is one of the many reasons I LOVE being a wedding photographer and take pride in what I do, because you get to capture someone’s emotions and intimate moments and give them back happiness and captured memories. Our engagement shoot was such a blast and I knew that between the two of them it would be a magical, whimsical affair….and I was right.

They couldn’t have picked two better locations to seal their love than Lake Shrine and the Inn of the Seventh Ray.  Both places hold such good energy, and combined with the thousands of rose petals, butterflies and fairy wings, it all created a fairy-tale effect.  Gabrielle looked like she should be the next Disney Princess and Dennis was more than happy to play the part of the Prince.  Some of my favorite moments of the day were getting to hang out with Lori Yohe, my shooting partner in crime, and the fabulous Tara Dowburd-Luftman, make-up Goddess, while Gabrielle got ready, having to stuff butterflies in a box while trying to take photos of Gabrielle getting into her dress (too funny), enjoying the ceremony (since I wasn’t allowed to photograph it), running around the lake taking ridiculously beautiful and silly photos with Gabrielle and Dennis, watching them serenade each other to Jason Mraz (my favorite!) and the amazing video that Dennis put together, capturing the “pole-dancing fever” that took over many of their guests, and finally…their sparkler exit!  Oh yeah, and at 11 something at night they called me to say thank you again…I was like, “Shouldn’t you be doing OTHER things right now?”  LOL.  But that is just WHO they are:)  I love you guys and I hope you are FINALLY getting some time to relax!

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