A Palos Verdes Wedding with Heart

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Wayfarers Chapel is one of my favorite chapels that I shoot at on a regular basis and it’s in the magical Palos Verdes, California. Graciela & Cesar did a morning/daytime brunch wedding at La Venta Inn and thankfully they got a perfect gorgeous day! It just has been raining nonstop here in Los Angeles and thankfully they got very lucky with one of our first warm and beautiful days that we’ve seen in SoCal in a few months now!

We started out the day taking photos on the cliffside at Wayfarers and their STUNNING glass chapel and then went back to La Venta Inn. I always love shooting in Palos Verdes - I think it's one of the most beautiful coastlines of Southern California. With Wayfarers Chapel and La Venta Inn making up two of the most iconic locations on the peninsula overlooking Catalina Island in the Pacific Ocean, it's so stunningly and effortlessly beautiful. Then once we were at the Inn, the family had games set up there like corn hole and whatnot, a photobooth, and just a beautiful cocktail/luncheon hour!

However, one of my favorite details was this little area set up with all these old photographs of Graciela & Cesar together over the years, and in the center sat a vintage rotary telephone where you could pick up the phone and record an actual voice memo for the bride and groom! You could basically have a little private confessional on the phone and send your wishes to the couple! When you hang up, it sends the message so that, at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom get a digitized series of voice memos of all their guests. It’s such a beautiful thing, especially if you have older loved ones and really will want to hear their voices in the years to come. Makes me completely rethink the typical guest signing book. 

Cesar and Graciela have traveled the world together and of course, their honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without more travel: they're backpacking their honeymoon and they literally packed their backpacks and their flight was about three hours after the reception ended! They said their goodbyes, grabbed their backpacks, and then straight to the airport to fly out for their epic ending!

I just was thinking like, “that's the way to do it.” They're such a sweet and amazing couple: they've been together since high school! And their high school pictures together were SO cute, especially from prom. Cesar is the creative teddy bear and she is the analytical brain, just making for a really perfect match together, balancing each other out.

A big shoutout to Peggy with Timeless Celebrations because it was SO MUCH FUN and such a treat working with her and her team!

Anyway, so many congratulations to such a stellar couple! Can’t wait to see photos from the backpacking honeymoon adventure ;)

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