Ami Aronson Goddess

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With the lunar eclipse in Scorpio about to happen this Friday that is calling in our divine feminine,  I thought that this Goddess Shoot that I did with Ami Aronson was a perfect example of this powerful feminine energy. When we first brainstormed about her shoot she just told me that the color yellow was calling to her and that she wanted to be grounded to the Earth and involve water somewhere too... (that came later in the shoot with her nude Potomac River baptism)

We shot looks at the Kennedy Center's newest edition "The Reach" which is an architectural wonder here in D.C.! I always go to Joann fabrics and just buy a ton of fabric to create a gown and train when you just can't seem to find the right dress... just yards of yellow!

Our theme, "Divine Feminine Rising in the Nations Capital" shoot. Took us on an all day adventure across Washington D.C., but I LOVED one of the locations shot deep in the hidden, abandoned underground trolley tunnels in Dupont Circle Washington D.C. The tunnels have been converted into an urban art space and there is so much history and culture hidden in this city...

Ami also wanted to be grounded to the Earth and involve water somewhere. She had talked about this fallen tree she used to run past all the time when she was training.... So we found this gown on Etsy from this female African designer and played around on this gorgeous tree and then ended up naked in the Potomac River... her "rebirth".

Now Ami is about to embark on an epic journey with 10 other women and myself to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2022 and I feel like everything she has been calling in not only through this shoot but in her life has led her to this journey and I can't wait to see the portraits we capture up on the highest point in ALL of Africa!

                                                                               YOU GO GIRL.

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