Amber Joy

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Amber Joy is not only my roommate and an amazing woman and friend, but she is also a practitioner of the art of sound therapy and yoga. She currently works at a cancer institution where she is introducing the healing benefits of sound therapy to cancer patients while undergoing treatment. In her spare time she is passionate about hosting sound bath meditation sessions.

Most people who don't live in LA and have a shaman on speed dial may not know WHAT a sound bath is or even the benefits of participating in one. In short, a sound bath is an acoustic immersive experience that brings you into a state of meditation in that space between being conscious and asleep. Sound baths help relaxation, sleeping and it can also reduce anxiety or depression and even physical pain.  Spiritually speaking, it can help clear your chakras and past trauma through vibrations of the sound bowls that each have a tone that coincides with your body's chakras.  The vibration of the bowls can actually increase blood flow to those areas of your body and oxygen flow that can help heal you. That is what it means to align and cleanse your chakras, ultimately cleansing your energy and sort of "resetting" your body.

Amber went to her first sound bath 3 years ago and she found it to be an incredibly peaceful and calming experience. Years later she started her work in the cancer institute where she fell in love with the patients and their families. She knew immediately that she wanted to enhance their healing process. After speaking to Dr. Agus (CEO), he was excited about the idea of Amber bringing sound therapy to the patients by combining Eastern & Western practices to optimize the healing process of cancer patients and their families.


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