Lara and Justin’s Burning Man Wedding at the Altar of Intentions

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Burning Man, for those who have never been, is a surreal adventure; a city of 70,000 people that is constructed and then broken down and burned without leaving a speck of glitter in the dust after 2 weeks.  The amount of energy, art, intention, creativity, and love that collects like a vortex in the middle of the Nevada desert every year is beyond comprehension.  There are always “magical playa moments”, but my favorite one this year was Lara and Justin’s wedding.  Not only was I a bridesmaid and I wore a peacock outfit, but I was their photographer and witness to such a beautiful ceremony.

These two have been on a crazy journey and in their vows they vowed to “always keep things weird” and I love that having multiple weddings  (one surreal and one real in North Carolina next year) is part of their year-long celebration of love and marriage.  Their Burning Man wedding was Jewel-tone themed and involved having cocktails at our camp Ashram Galactica, then having the mutant art car/yacht “The Christina” sail up across the desert, pick up over 100 of the wedding guests for a DJ spun, sunset sail across the playa to their ceremony site at The Altar of Intentions.  From there we were entertained with singing, fire dancers, and guitar, then had another DJ spun sail back to camp for a catered reception of Indian food and cake.  Now for the party?  Entertainment? who needs that when you are already embedded in the greatest party on Earth, so we all rode out on bikes to go out dancing all night after dinner…BEST WEDDING EVER!


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