Elissa and Michael’s Wedding at the Unitarian Society and Moxi Museum in Santa Barbara

October 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had to put Elissa and Michael’s wedding on the blog, because it was so touching and personal and SO them!  I OVE shooting in Santa Barbara and BOTH of these locations were new to me and such hidden gems!  The park right across the street from the Unitarian Society was stunning with Weeping Willow trees, a lake and gazebo, and just many beautiful walkways through lush landscapes.  You would never know by looking at these photos that we were in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara!

Their reception at the Moxi museum was SO rad.  With games for kids and adults of all ages downstairs, there was even a VR station and a giant guitar you could climb into…but once we stepped out onto the rooftop deck for the dinner and party it was completely transformed and had the most stunning view of all of Santa Barbara and the sunset.  The dance floor was actually a glass skylight into the museum, so from underneath you could see everyone’s feet dancing and the evening couldn’t have had better weather!  One of my favorite moments from the wedding was Michael’s special dance for Elissa’s daughter (The Chicken Dance), and also seeing my girlfriends kill it on the dance floor some post surgery, some super prego, and some doing the splits…not naming any names, but you KNOW who you are:)  Some of the reasons WHY I LOVE shooting friend’s weddings  Congratulations you two!  This was a long time coming!


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