Mayah’s Mermaid-themed Birthday Party

June 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well Esteela outdid herself again with Mayah’s 6 year-old birthday party.  Since Mayah is SUCH a little fish in the water, it only seemed natural to have her in a mermaid tail and swimming. So Esteela decided to make her birthday ALL mermaid themed! Who knew that not only can you find a mermaid outfit, but you can actually hire professional mermaids from Sheroes Entertainment that run a mermaid school in Los Angeles to teach you how to swim and act like a mermaid!  I was obsessed with their costumes and how these mermaids managed to have their hair and make-up STILL look amazing while in a chlorinated pool.  Seriously, that is a skill in itself!

So when Esteela asked me to jump in the water with my expensive camera to shoot underwater, I jumped at the chance to test out using an underwater housing and what an experience THAT was.  I was so focused on trying to get the shot of moving mermaids underwater in low light that half the time I forgot to breathe!  It was so fun trying to keep up with little Mayah and her friends in the water that I lost track of the time. What a fun party!

Stay tuned to watch Mayah and the mermaids swim on KTLA news later this month!


MermaidParty_001 MermaidParty_003 MermaidParty_005 MermaidParty_006 MermaidParty_034 MermaidParty_040 MermaidParty_045 MermaidParty_047 MermaidParty_048 MermaidParty_058 MermaidParty_059



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