Allison and Brandon’s New York City Engagement Session

February 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This was one of my favorite photo shoots I have done, because the whole day was such an adventure in the pouring rain through the streets of NYC.  I met Allison and Brandon at my great friend, Tara Sterk’s wedding in the Hamptons, and since I was going to be on the East Coast we decided to shoot in NY.  Of course the one day we chose was pouring rain and thank god our friend “T-Money” was able to hook us up with an Escalade and a driver for the day so we could change outfits and stay dry while on the move!  It was so clutch!  

The second I showed up at their apartment and saw they each have a matching closet full of flannel shirts, I knew these two were a match made in heaven:) But what I loved most was how chill Allison and Brandon were about the weather and splashing around and just basically being up for anything.  We started out the day at the piers in Brooklyn where the famous Smorgasbord is on the weekends for a misty skyline view of Manhattan, then we ducked into a cozy coffee shop, went to Bond Street, the NY Public Library, Central Park, Washington Square and then the grand finale with their adorable Pomeranian back at home!  We earned some cocktails after a long, wet, but ridiculously funny day and I can’t wait for their wedding in Santa Barbara this year!  It is going to be EPIC:)



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