Yumi & Ryan’s Seaside Wedding at Wayfarer’s Chapel

October 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I LOVE Yumi and Ryan and blogging their wedding got lost in the cracks, because I flew back from Peru for one day JUST so I wouldn’t miss their nuptials, had a whirlwind party and photo adventure, and then hopped right back on a plane to go down to the Amazon for two weeks!  I can honestly say, that their reception at may have had the wildest bunch of people I have ever witnessed in my 15 years of shooting weddings. Table cloths were ripped off to catapult the groom in the air, people were dancing on tables, the conga line turned into a high-speed chase, and latin music kept everyone partying late into the night.  Somehow, Yumi kept it all together with grace and style:)

Both Yumi and Ryan are cops and his dad actually takes full credit as matchmaker (which normally when your parents try to play matchmaker, it ends in disaster).  The speeches and stories were hilarious, but some of my favorites parts of the day included shooting their gorgeous ceremony at Wayfarers Chapel , their portraits at Trump, and then epic twilight photos in the marina. I loved trying to salsa dance and hang with her awesome family, but the best moment was walking in to Yumi’s hotel room in the morning and seeing just how shocked and excited she was to see me (since I had instagramed being at dinner in Lima, Peru the night before:)  Welcome to my world as a globetrotting photographer!  I have to thank Samantha Hall, with Samantha Hall Events for helping to make this day so fun to work and it run so smoothly!  Yumi and Ryan were lucky to have her:)


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