Rachael & Jason’s Epic Engagement Shoot in Malibu, California

October 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Rachael and Jason’s wedding is coming up next month, so we decided to do a  last minute quickie engagement shoot in Malibu just so we could run around, have fun and get to know each other better.  Turns out that we are all like 2 degrees of separation from each other between having Ari Perilstein, my fabulous videographer friend, as a mutual friend and also they know like 3 other couple’s whose weddings I have shot in the past.  So it was meant to be that I became their wedding photographer!

The weather Sunday was a deep contrast to the bright, sunny, hot weather the day before.  We had a cold, overcast, and rainy day.  Thank god they brought more wardrobe changes to choose from than most super models, because I had to borrow clothes from them to bundle up! lol.  Nothing stopped up from our determination to get fun, epic photos.  The overcast weather was like a perfect soft box of light and made conditions at the Malibu Cafe perfect to shoot in.  Because there were so many weddings going on simultaneously, we were able to “crash” some areas of the property to shoot in, like the ferris wheel and the waterfall.  We had to quickly renegade shoot before security kicked us out and then we were off to finish at sunset on El Matador beach before the rain hit.  We got there and had about 15 minutes before the rain started.  At first we were bummed that it was cutting our shoot short, but then the clouds parted, let a gorgeous beam of light through and a GIANT rainbow appeared!  So we ran back down and continued to shoot in the rain and even had a posse of Asian photographers following us around like paprazzi, because Rachael and Jason and the light was just TOO beautiful to NOT photograph!!  I think some of my favorite shots of the day were at the very end, when mother nature decided to reward us with something unexpected and awesome!  I can’t wait for their wedding day in a month!


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