Rebecca and Ari’s Wedding Weekend Day 2: Avalon Theatre in Hollywood

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I was SO excited about Day 2 of Rebecca and Ari’s EPIC wedding weekend, because they were hosting an event-filled night at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood which had so many surprise performances that it felt like it was a Grammy’s party!  Rebecca and Ari had come up with the adorable idea to have themselves photoshopped into old movie posters from their favorite movies and have them in the marquee outside of the theatre.  I had never done that before, but I thought, “Why not?”. SO I posed them at their engagement shoot like the actors on the posters and I was SUPER proud of the final result.  Hopefully, the oversized posters will live on in their new home, because they were THAT rad!
Once again, leave it to the FABULOUS Linda Howard and her incredibly devoted and talented  staff  to design and create this magical weekend.  After the day before at Nobu in Malibu I didn’t think that Linda could out-do herself, but I had NO idea what I was in store for until I arrived at Avalon Hollywood. From the second I walked into the theatre, I KNEW this was going to be the wedding of the year!!  The entranceway to the theatre for the guests was set up like a star-studded red carpet event. There was a step and repeat to pose in front of, old hollywood “statues” AKA actors dressed like statues, and a huge ice sculpture of a wedding cake (also designed by Linda) that also functioned as an ice bar and was the central focus of the decor. Throughout the night the ice changed from serving champagne, to seafood, to the dessert bar.  It was so huge that it also served as an air conditioner lol, but the way it was lit in the blue/purple lighting was a perfect segway into the party.  Linda even designed Chanel flowers in the foyer as a nod to the couple’s dog,  also named Chanel:).  Not one detail was overlooked throughout the night!
After the cocktail hour upstairs in the hidden rooms of the theater with overflowing tables of cheeses , hors d’ oeuvres  and a jazzy lounge singer, the guests were ushered into the main theatre.  The main room had a stage with dancing women in tu-tus, a contortionist, a women’s Saxophonist/violinist duo, and an amazing DJ.  The stage was set for bands to play later on, but in the meantime they were preparing for their grand entrance/first dance.  Rebecca changed into my all-time favorite gown that looked like it was inspired from ballroom dancing…simply GORGEOUS!  Rebecca and Ari’s first dance was “interrupted” by a series of professional dance acts ranging for Burlesque to Tango and Samba.  What an amazing way to get people all excited about getting on the dance floor!
Ari and Rebecca’s house that we shot their engagement shoot at, has been a labor of love for them for over a year.  They are about to move in, but in order to commemorate their new home and new life together as a married couple, they decided to create an exact replica of their new home as their wedding cake! After the cake cutting, hora dance, and a performance by one of Ari’s high school friends, the biggest act of the night came on stage to surprise everyone…the “Jesse’s Girl” rockstar himself!  The way they surprised everyone was hilarious too.  Ari’s friend started singing one of his songs and then he came out himself on stage and said, “I think I’ll take it from here”.  Too funny!  He played for over an hour and had everyone raging like they were at a rock concert…because essentially they were.  After that, the late night shenanigans were on, the candy and dessert bar was set out, and the dance floor was on fire!  The finale was an EPIC success and everyone there, including Jodee Debes, Sarah Natasha, Linda, Nick and Colin, and the rest of our “Vendor dream team” were like, “Can we do this again?” once it was all over!  Thank you Rebecca and Ari for including us in your wedding festivities!

Planner/Designer and Decor Items- Linda Howard Events

Videography- Blue Kite Cinema
Florals: Mark’s Garden
Florals/rentals-Luna Party Rentals
Lighting- The Lighter Side
Furniture- Revelry 
Wedding Cake Ice Bar- Ice Bulb
Invitations/Paper Goods- Creative Works

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