Anthea and Eric’s Wedding at Rancho de Chiquita in Malibu, California

September 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

FINALLY, I get to blog about Anthea and Eric’s wedding a few weeks ago!  I have been so excited about this one, because I LOVED the colors and Indian-inspired details.  Honestly, one day when I get married, I am going to steal SO many of these ideas!  Anthea and Eric did a TON of the work themselves, like hand stamping the table cards and calling on their crew of super talented friends in the production world to help out, but what they created was worth all of the work!  

The estate, Rancho de Chiquita, is a hidden gem at the top of a mountain deep in Malibu and if you manage to drive up there in one piece, find the place, and then descend the epic staircase down to the ceremony site, all you see is BLUE.  The backdrop of their ceremony and reception was SO blue that you couldn’t barely distinguish where the sky and ocean meet!  Anthea and Eric took this blue and wove it into their decor, from the flowers on the tables to the lighting and tenting of the reception.  But true to most Indian weddings, they used every color of the rainbow.  I especially loved the multi-colored saris for the bridesmaids as well as the multi-colored florals on the tables, bouquets and tablecloths.  Color was everywhere…totally my kind of wedding;)  But my FAVORITE detail was their huge “LOVE” marquee sign behind their sweetheart table.  It was the centerpiece of the tent and just tied all of the details together.  Their friends raged on the dance floor and the party continued on at their late night party back in my “hood” in Marina Del Rey.  I HAD to join them for a cocktail to celebrate since it was so close AND because Anthea and Eric are just so chill, kind, and fun to hang out with!!  Thank you again for inviting me to join your entire wedding weekend.  I had such a blast! I hope you are still enjoying your epic honeymoon!


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