Kim and Matt’s Riviera Maya Wedding at the Viceroy in Playa del Carmen

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This is going to be a long blog, because I just HAD to post a ton of party pics and a sneak peek from their pre-wedding “Trash the Dress” shoot in the Cenotes.  First of all, I have been looking forward to this wedding for months.  Not only because it was going to be at the Viceroy in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and that we were doing a pre shoot in Tulum and the Cenotes, but because I was excited to work with the fabulous Katie Tiffany of Tiffany Weddings on a destination wedding.  After our ridiculously fun engagement shoot in Hollywood, I knew that Kim and Matt’s friends were going to be a rowdy bunch and I was NOT disappointed.  I mean anytime the dance floor at the end of the night is covered in sand, pool water, crabs, and blood, you know it’s been a good night:)

The Viceroy is like being in an actual jungle. It was a bit of a maze to walk around and there were even spider monkeys living in the trees (and a scorpion I trapped in a water glass), but it was a gorgeous, pristine resort, super private and calm until it was taken over by Kim and Matt’s crew:)  During the day, everyone just chilled by the pool and played games in the sand and at night we all had cocktail hours, the rehearsal and then the wedding.  I even had time to go scuba diving and read a book in between shooting.  You know you love your job when you can lay by the pool and edit photos while sipping Mai Tai’s and eating ceviche…Ahhhh:)

On the wedding day Kim looked STUNNING.  I was completely obsessed with her hair style, simple, elegant, but dramatic:)  Matt and his guys were hilarious and one of his best men even had to smuggle the Challah bread into Mexico for the wedding!  I also loved all of the details that Katie put together, like the personalized menus and cocktail drink glasses,  the Mexico coffee table guest sign-in book, the yellow, floral centerpieces to contrast with the aqua of the ocean, the amazing DJ and white dance floor, the ice cream bar, late night sliders and fries and of course, what is a Mexican wedding without a full Mariachi Band?

At the end of the night I was tipped off that the staff went overboard and decorated Kim and Matt’s honeymoon suite with rose petals.  It was by far the most ornate I have ever seen in all of my years shooting weddings and I am so glad I was able to sneak in and capture it!  Matt came up to me at the end  and asked me if I got everything…and as I looked around and scanned the bloody dance floor I listed off to him what I managed to capture…Hmm, yes I got photos of Table 8 putting their table in the pool with sombreros on DURING the cake cutting, I got Matt, his dad, and Kim’s dad all crowd surfing, I photographed a scorpion I captured, a crab that a guest caught in a glass and presented to Kim, I got Matt wiping out on the dance floor AFTER he did the worm successfully, I got his dad ripping his shirt off, bridesmaids jumping in the pool, I gave my camera to a groomsman and danced with Kim while he snapped away photos, and I managed to eat cake AND enjoy the ice cream station…YEP, I think I got it all, because I am pretty sure after that point people probably wouldn’t want their shenanigans photographed:)

Matt and Kim,  I hope you are enjoying Bora Bora and I hope to continue on your fun adventures in your life with you!  Congratulations!


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