Sara and Charles’ Wedding at Wayfarers Chapel and the Betty Reckas Cultural Center

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FInally I am able to post the photos from Sara and Charles’ wedding!  What a fun day!  We started out at Terranea where Sara and Charles got ready and then had their first look…I convinced them to hike down to the cove and rock climb out to my favorite look-out point.  When you luck out and have weather as gorgeous as this day, you just HAVE to take advantage of it!  Sara had this gorgeous white fur shrug, and it was so warm out she didn’t need it, but I made sure that we got some photos with it, because it was too stunning not to:)

We then continued on to my favorite glass chapel, Wayfarers Chapel, for that golden late afternoon light.  I LOVED that they brought in a quartet for their ceremony and didn’t just use generic music.  Between the beauty and acoustics inside the chapel, it gave an ethereal effect to Sara walking down the aisle. After enjoying the sunset, we made our final trek to the Betty Reckas Cultural Center in Long Beach.

What a fun, intimate venue!  I had not photographed there before, and I was pleasantly surprised. The ballroom was simple and elegant and the party raged on late into the evening!  I felt like it was perfect for their group….and seriously, this group NEVER stopped dancing!  I especially loved their details, like the fun pillows and lounge furniture for their guests by the fireplace, the adorable hand sewn dolls from that looked like them to decorate the top of the cake and sign in table, the opaque glowing table numbers with their names and date on them, and finally their choice in DJ’s, VOX Djs, who always turn any wedding into a raging dance party:)  I didn’t want to leave or stop dancing, I mean working:)!

I hope you two had THE BEST honeymoon…and now it’s time for you to re-enjoy your wedding through my photos:) Congratulations!


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