Meet the “Other” Kirby’s:)

November 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I LOVE spending a lazy afternoon with Cher,Ian and Baby Kate…sipping custom cocktails, taking Christmas Photos and watching Superman in 3-D:)  What a fun Saturday!  I HAD to share some of these adorable photos, because I feel like this is Baby Kate’s first REAL shoot:)  She may be THE MOST chill baby I have ever met, which is hilarious since Cher is like me and full of constant energy!  She has never complained even when Cher and Ian have bundled her up and dragged her down to the Pier concerts in Santa Monica this Summer.  Considering Cher and Ian are two of the busiest people I know, it’s amazing that they have created such a serene home life for Little Kate Kirby.  She is a first cousin to Cash and Scarlett, who you just saw on my blog a couple of days ago… SERIOUSLY ADORABLE FAMILY!  Love you guys!  

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