Elizabeth and Vincent’s English Countryside Wedding at Chartwell in Kent, England

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Congratulations to my older sister, Elizabeth, for OFFICIALLY becoming a European today and NOT just by her marriage to Vincent on October 26th:) She is getting sworn in today as a citizen of the UK after almost a decade of living there. Congratulations!!  

Jason and I JUST got back from an EPIC 2 week trip to London and  Spain for my sister’s Autumn wedding out in the countryside of Kent and I feel like I need to sleep for a week!  Not only did I join in the bachelorette festivities AND do a pre-bridal photo shoot in the quaint town of Turville right before the wedding, but I also was my sister’s ENTIRE beauty team including doing her hair, make-up, AND photography…no pressure:) Vincent, her new husband, is the Executive Chef at The Balcon Restaurant at the Sofitel in London and we dined in utter luxury and overindulgence on our last night in London.  Elizabeth DEFINITELY found her perfect match considering he is THE most patient, calm man I have ever met AND he is an amazing chef…an art Elizabeth and I have never come close to mastering.

I have to give credit to Vincent for putting together most of the details for their wedding; from hand-drawing the design of their wedding cake, to the florals (by Kathy of The Wedding Day Company), color scheme, and of COURSE creating the entire menu.  Their cake, though, was a piece of art! The cake lady’s name was Pervin of Elegateau and I have never in all of my years of shooting weddings have seen one so ornate and intricate.  Vincent and Elizabeth wanted to do an ode to their love of Travel and had what looked like a cake sitting on top of two vintage pieces of luggage, except the ENTIRE thing was made out of cake!  Other adorable details like the mini pumpkins and corn decor, autumn colored florals sitting in bird’s nest-inspired centerpieces (by the New Covent Garden Flower Market), and all of the candy bags were hand stamped and had custom name cards drawn by my sister Christy’s children who couldn’t come to the wedding…so adorable!

Elizabeth DID get to choose three things for her wedding though; her amazing, younger sister as her photographer:), her elegant 1940’s Vintage dress by Love Miss Daisy, AND the venue, Chartwell, which is the former estate of Winston Churchill in the countryside of Kent.  Kent is otherwise known as “The Garden of England” and when you are there you understand why.  It’s just full of rolling green fields and gardens with huge tree-lined streets.  We managed to get a beautiful day for their pre-bridal photos and some dry ones at Chartwell before the sky opened up and started pouring rain just minutes before my sister walked down the aisle.  But what would a English wedding be without rain?  The ceremony was hysterical with my friend Afshin running around holding an umbrella over me while I shot photos like I was Puff Daddy or something, my sister Christy videotaping and singing  “It’s like rain on your wedding day” by Alanis Morrissette during the ceremony, Marisa’s kids dropping the rings and they went rolling across the ground, and then the grand finale by Elizabeth herself yelling “Girl Power” after she was handed her wedding certificate…I mean “THEIR” wedding certificate:)  Sorry Vincent, I don’t think you were told before you officially joined our family that you can’t take us Grier girls ANYWHERE without a scene:)

The best part of the day was the charter bus to and from the venue where everyone made friends (Momentum Coach Hire), the non-stop drinking, dancing, and of COURSE the AMAZING three course dinner prepared by Chef Lee!  My custom Elizabeth masks made a late night appearance (from the bachelor/bachelorette parties two nights before), my slideshow actually WORKED, and I was finally able to put down my camera and DANCE!!!  I was so excited to post some of the photos from their wedding festivities!  Love you guys!  Welcome to our CRAZY Family Vincent!!!


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