Lareina and Collin’s Venice Beach Engagement Shoot

April 03, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

OK, these two are ridiculously funny and I was laughing the entire time I was shooting them.  We started off hanging out at my place; Collin having a beer and Lareina getting her make-up done by the fabulous Tara Dowburd-Luftman with Make Up Therapy, then we were off to run around Venice Beach and find some cool walls and graffiti.  Collin proved to be the best spotter of locations (pointing out new murals that even I hadn’t noticed before and I LIVE there! lol).  The whole time Lareina was yelling out to strangers on the street, “We are SO in LOVE”, because yes, for most people snuggling up against a graffiti wall isn’t your typical Friday afternoon activity, but hey, you do this only once right?:)  But, YES, we ultimately ARE celebrating that you two are in LOVE and I hope that these pics remind you of the fun and hilarity of the whole thing!  Can’t wait for May!

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