Annie and Jeff’s Lake Tahoe Engagement Shoot

October 30, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, I HAD to power edit these photos so I could show you what Annie, Jeff and I did all day yesterday up in Lake Tahoe.  After last week’s snowstorm, the ground was still covered in snow, but it was shockingly warm and gorgeous outside.  The sky was a perfect blue without a cloud in the sky and it was like we had weather angels on our side! I flew into Lake Tahoe Sunday evening and got geared up for our all day shoot yesterday. We had SUCH such a fun, EPIC day shooting all around Martis Camp, the cute town of Truckee and of course stunning Lake Tahoe.  Martis Camp, where Jeff works, is like a photographer’s DREAM to photograph at and there were endless spots for us to take photos. It is true luxury out in the woods…I honestly had a hard time narrowing down the blog!  From the old bridge, to the Aspens, the Red Barn, the Checkered lodge floor, to running around Lake Tahoe…well, you will just have to see for yourself.  I am DEFINITELY coming back up there for some good skiing in December, so Annie and Jeff, watch out!  I may have been your first house guest, but I won’t be the last!:)


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