Amy and Scott’s Epic Adventure Destination Wedding at Rafiki Lodge in Costa Rica

August 15, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

This MAY be the LONGEST BLOG post I have done to date, but it is impossible to even begin explaining how much we did in just 5 days, let alone narrow it down to a few images.  I have to thank both Summer and the insane, kayaking photographer that helped me to be able to fully document this epic wedding:)  All I can say is that from the second we landed our little flying minivan, puddle jumper into the Manuel Antonio Rainforest and got picked up by the Owners of the Rafiki Lodge in a truck with their two dogs and a six pack of beer, I knew we would never be the same:)


The following 5 days was a non-stop whirlwind of amazing hikes to waterfalls (with Lautije as our “Google of the Jungle”. He knew everything about every plant and animal along the way!), family dinners with wine and some of the most delicious food and conversation (including  a South African style Pig Roast for the rehearsal dinner and the fabulous Chef Rob they brought in), White Water Rafting (one of the most fun experiences of my life….a little insane to do 3 hours before the wedding ceremony, but we survived:), Horseback riding to the little local village and having a traditional Tica meal prepared for us (only one person fell off the horse, not naming any names but it rhymes with “Greg”:)), sliding down Rafiki’s turbo speed waterslide…over and over and over, relaxing, bird watching, massages, manicures…..OH, YEAH….AND a gorgeous wedding!  We almost forgot about the ceremony too with all of the excitement of the trip.  It was like icing on the cake….and the most PERFECT backdrop; the misty rain forest and mountains right after a pouring rain shower…STUNNING.  I really felt that we got to experience the local flavor too.  I even got to kick around a soccer ball with the villagers and sing “Proud Mary” with the band at the wedding, but the best part was getting to know both families so well.  I have never seen two families mesh as well as these two do.  They are just amazing people and so welcoming.  Summer and I felt like part of the family from the second we arrived. Amy and Scott, you two are lucky to have found each other and each other’s families.  I am SURE you will both lead a life of crazy adventures and collect memories and friends along the way.  I was really honored to be invited on this trip and couldn’t have imagined missing it.


Summer and I went on to visit Costa Verde (Rafiki’s sister hotel by the beach) with their crazy Oliver North planes converted into honeymoon suites, bars and restaurants, hike the Arenal Volcano, sit in the volcanic hot springs and go mountain biking and on nature hikes.  We were determined to see even more wildlife and practice our Spanish, but we definitely had serious Rafiki withdrawals after we left.  It wasn’t the same without all of you!

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