Monica and Jess’s Hoedown-themed Wedding in Santa Barbara

July 27, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

I have to give a HUGE thanks to Jessica Sterling who asked me to shoot this wedding with her of distant cousins of hers. It was BY far one of the cutest weddings I have been to in a long time. They started off with photos at the famous Santa Barbara Mission, then moved up to Elings Park for their ceremony and reception on top of a mountain overlooking the whole valley and city of Santa Barbara. They got married under huge tree in this outdoor amphitheater and then brought in BBQ and a blue grass band for the reception.

Other than the fact that these two are gorgeous and SO in love, they added some great little detail touches to their day. They had hay bales around the grassy dance floor area for quests to sit, a covered wagon, Bandanas as the napkins that later were worn as decorations by the guests, yellow sunflowers and mason jars decorating the tables, an old-fashioned card catalog for their escort cards, little baggies of fresh grown fruit for their guests to munch on during the cocktail hour and MY personal favorite, they had ALL kinds of cobblers as dessert and NO cake. So the bride and groom instead of going to every table to say hi to their guests, just threw on aprons and personally served each guest cobbler. I think that may be the COOLEST personal way to greet all of your guests that I have seen at a wedding.

I felt like I was at the country line dancing scene of the movie “Big Fish” at the end of the reception….It was so surreal looking being under the twilight and a string of bare-bulb lights…everyone just barefoot and learning ho to “do-se-doe”. Quite a magical way to end your wedding:) 00118 0073 00217 00317 00415 0093 0066 0103 0113 0123 0192 0152 0142 0172 0242 0212 0222 0251 0271 0281 0291 0302 0311 0321 0331 0341 0351 0361 0371 0402 0412 052


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