Megan and Jason’s Disneyland Engagement Shoot

July 20, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

OK, so yesterday’s shoot at Disneyland was SUCH a marathon! These two should be paid guides they know this place so well:) They actually shared their first kiss here in the Haunted Mansion when the ride “mysteriously broke down for 5 minutes”….likely story:) It first started off with me having to lock up my telephoto lens in a locker and convincing security that I was in NO MEANS a professional photographer..:) but after that brief hiccup we were on our way. We leapt from the Carousel, to Dumbo, to the Teacups, Tarzan’s Treehouse, Toon Town, New Orleans Town and OF COURSE “La Casa de Minnie” for some photos. My PERSONAL favorite was telling everyone they just got engaged and getting VIP treatment in the park…including our own private photo in front of the castle with zero tourists in the background…Priceless. We managed to dodge most of the throngs of thousands of tourists that were surrounding us to get some of these hilarious images, but it also helps that Megan and Jason are completely cute and up for anything. They were like cartoon characters themselves…totally animated! We saved the tea cup ride for last, since Megan was traumatized at age 6 on that ride and got sick….we had NO clue what would happen, but I think she conquered her fear of the teacups since she managed to keep it together, so there you go…engagement photos, fun AND therapy ALL in one afternoon:) Anyway, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding. Congratulations! I had a blast!

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